DIY Screen Print Table

Create your own DIY screen print table. Don’t be put off printing your own fabrics. Here’s a quick and easy print table to make yourself then you can join my Silk Screen printing ONLINE workshop JOIN HERE!

You’ll need:
-A panel of wood: as big or small as you can muster.  DIY stores supply MDF or chip board up to 8ft x 4ft!
-Carpet underlay – felt or rubber type
-Pond liner or heavy builders plastic
-Craft knife &/or heavy scissors and a staple gun or hammer and tacks/gaffer tape

The carpet underlay gets held down onto the board with staples, tacks or gaffer tape – this provides some ‘give’ in the surface. I have found pond liner to be the nearest/most economical table surface – whilst not fully heat resistant it copes with everything I have to throw at it.

Wrap the pond liner around the board, stretch and staple in position – you can use fancy hosptial corners if you like!  On large pieces of liner there can be folds and creases – a hair dryer/heater and some stretching helps ease this away.  I also like to scour the surface with wire wool before I start working – I tend to use masking tape to stretch my fabrics and it needs something to ‘bite’ on to.

Your new print surface can now be placed on top of your dining table, on trestle legs etc., etc..  then when you don’t need it lift it off and store away…under the bed, behind the piano, in the shed…

Ply, MDF or chipboard; a layer of underlay; rubber pond liner