• Spiral bound sketch book - you don't need to go too big.  I'm using a 15cm square Pig Pink book you can buy something similar HERE but if you want exactly the same as mine then you'll need to go straight to the Pig Pink website

  • An individual hole punch like this but you might like to invest in a Japanese Paper Drill - they are lovely to use!

  • Eraser/rubber...something like this

The rest of the elements can vary from this list - you don't need to stick to it too religiously, there is a bit of flexibility here but the more you have available the better

Mark making tools: pens, pencils, graphite sticks, charcoal, chalks, oil pastels, oil bars, marker pen, tipped pen [or emulsion paint & a small brush could work]

  • Brushes, sponges or stamps

  • Paints, dyes, brusho inks or drawing inks - something of that kind.

  • A collection of found papers, possibly a few hand made papers of varying weights, an envelop or two, cartridge paper, possibly a bit of plastic or tissue.

  • Cutting mat [always go for the largest you can muster - these A1 mats are a great price], craft knife, scissors

  • Refillable Marker pens - What a fabulous invention!! I fill them with dye &/or inks. The 6cm nib is amazing but you can get smaller sizes too

  • You don't need to go crazy buying new stuff - you can use what you've already got, with a few extras to enliven your stash! Get it all together and you're ready for the start of the workshop - see you soon, Dionne x